Ladybower 50

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Instructions for the day

 Timings – All timings are subject to change. Please try and be punctual on the morning of the race as we have a lot to get done first thing.

0700               Registration opens – collect numbers

0750               Registration closes

0750-0800     Race briefing

0800               50 miler and 35 miler race start

0830               20 miler race start

1700               Cut off for final lap 50 miler

2105               Cut off time.

 Registration and parking

 There is free parking in the lay bys on the approach road to Fairholmes café. There is also a pay and display car park further down the road. This has a toilet and café also.

 Registration will be held in the lay-by closest to Fairholmes café on the right hand side as you approach. You will be issued your race number.Please aim to arrive early for registration as there will be a lot of people to process.



We will set up an Area to place small baggage that you may use for the race. This should contain any extra food, clothing, head torch etc. Please refrain from bringing along a suitcase with enough clothing for an expedition up K2. Room is limited. Please ensure your baggage is easily identifiable so you can grab it in a rush. Although we will not leave your baggage unattended, it is left at your own risk – So no ipads.

Over the years our athletes have tended to use their cars as baggage and food storage.

The route

The route is a small lap of Ladybower reservoir then 3 laps of Ladybower, Derwent and Howden (1 lap for the 20 mile runners). At no point will you cross the very busy snake pass. Marshalls and signage will be out. You should be fine if you stick to the main paths and roads.

 On each lap you will pass the registration tent. You MUST check in your number and be ticked off before continuing. This is so we have an idea of where you are on the route as well as making sure you don’t do too many laps.

On the final lap you may use a pace maker to run with you.

Food and water

This is an ultra series not the Great North run. You should be self sufficient. We will have water in 3 locations spread over the course as well as food at race HQ (you will pass this a number of times). If you cannot carry enough water to last you 6-10 miles then this race may not be for you. Sorry to be so abrupt, but we want you to be under no illusion about the kind of race this is.

The cut off

The cut off time for this race is 13 hours exactly. If you know you aren’t going to make the cut off time by the end of the second lap, please consider withdrawing from the race. If you arrive at the end of your second lap after 1800hrs you will be advised that we don’t think you should continue. At 13 hours we will start to take down the tentage and start sending marshals home after a long day. We really don’t want you to be out on the route alone in the dark.

 This is purely for your safety.


Please be aware of vehicles, animals and pedestrians on the route. The reservoirs attract thousands of visitors. Please be courteous and give way at all times.




 Failure to comply with the above will result in immediate disqualification.

 On completion of the race you will be given a finish time as well as your post race t shirt.

 We do hope you enjoy your race day experience. Please make sure you are as well prepared as possible. The weather in the valley can range from freezing to baking sunshine so please think about what you will need on the day.

 Feed the warrior