Please read through these frequently asked questions before contacting the race directors

Q  Can I defer my place to next year?

A  No. Please read the withdrawal policy found in the ABOUT section of the website

Q  Can I transfer my place to another runner?

A  No. We used to allow this, but it created problems with data collection

Q  Can I change categories? 50 - 20, 20 - 50?

A  This can only be done through the Active site for a fee. Once the races are full, there can be no changes

Q  Is there water?

A  Approx every 5 miles. However you will need a bottle as cups are only provided during the first hour

Q  Will there be food?

A  Basic food will be provided. Bananas and flap jack. You must aim to be self sufficient

Q  What happens if I miss the cut off for the final lap?

A  You will be advised that you have missed the cut off and advised to withdraw. A DNF will be recorded

Q  When will I get my race number?

A  You can either collect it from Accelerate in Sheffield in the week before the race or collect it race morning from 7am 

Q  Why is the race not chip timed?

A  Cost. We looked in to chip timing but it would cost another £9 per runner. We want to keep this race affordable